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Collection: Model 28 Libertas


 Presenting the Model 28 Libertas - a metal based fountain pen. We have two remaining colors in the 28 FP, but expect a return with new color options in 2023.  

Market price starting at $99.50 USD.

 Returning is our diamondline engraving on the all rhodium model. Lacquered versions include black, rustic navy, dark purple, and white options, each with several coats of lacquer and rhodium trim. The lacquer models also include the diamondback feature, where we engrave through the lacquer on the back in the shape of our four diamonds. 

 Metal parts are made of aluminum and brass. 

 Spring loaded clip

 The fountain pen is designed with a longer barrel, to be comfortable without posting. It will post, however note that the pen then becomes back weighted. Cartridge/Converter filled. Takes small or long international cartridges. 

 #5 size nib. Converter included.

 Fountain Pen Dimensions:
5.87" capped length (149mm)
5.25" barrel end to nib tip length (133mm)
.43 thickest barrel diameter (11mm)
.32" grip diameter (8mm)
6.62" - fully posted length (168mm)

 Weight= 1.32oz / 37.42 grams

 Lifetime Warranty - 30 day return policy - free shipping

 Included with the bonus of a Franklin-Christoph single pen zippered pouch.

 Free shipping in US on orders over $50. ($100 for international)

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  • Model 28 Libertas Fountain Pen - Dark Purple
    Model 28 Libertas Fountain Pen - Dark Purple
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  • Model 28 Libertas Fountain Pen - White
    Model 28 Libertas Fountain Pen - White
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