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Back in Stock Notifications

We have an automated system to notify clients when items come back in stock. When there is an out of stock item, you will see a green Email When Available tab where you can sign up for a notification when more of that item is placed in inventory. This will not sign you up for the main email list unless you click the tab "add me to the store mailing list." 

Note that it will only send 1.4 emails for every unit of product available, in order from oldest sign up to newest, and will continue to send more every 2 hours as long as stock is available. This will help ensure that people waiting the longest will be notified first, becoming in effect an automated waiting list. So if you are signed up for notification on an item, you may not receive an email each time some stock becomes available before it is again sold out, but when you do the likelihood the item is available will be much greater on fast moving products.