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The story begins in 1901....

when the Franklin family began manufacturing ceramics in Marietta, GA. For 91 years fine and basic ceramic products were manufactured domestically and imported from Europe by The Franklin Co. Operations were headquartered at 890 Franklin Road, in Marietta, into the 1990s. Recent decades have evolved the company into producers of fine accessories. The tradition and love of designing, manufacturing and importing quality products has remained through the decades. In the year 2001, five generations later, the brand Franklin-Christoph was presented with the IPO fountain pen. Franklin-Christoph goes into this new millennium with the same values and dedication to quality as the generations before. The passion for designing elegant, functional products is evident within every piece we offer.
The Old English F first appeared on a piece of ceramic china in the 1950s. 
Many Franklin cousins, brothers, and wives contributed greatly to the company over the century plus history, including but not limited to L.W. Franklin, J.G. Franklin, and T.D. Franklin. 

Early 1900s photo of original site of The Franklin Co.

Important dates: 

 - The Franklin Co. Founded by J.W. Franklin (life: 1865-1930)

 - W.J. Franklin heads company. (life: 1884-1940)

 - L.H. Franklin I heads company. (life: 1914-1992)

 - L.H. Franklin II heads company. (life: 1942-present)

 - Sons L.H. Franklin III and S.C. Franklin become the 5th generation to work in company.

 - L.H. Franklin II, and S.C. Franklin re-locate company north to Ellijay, GA. Emphasis changes from ceramics to fine accessories.

 - Company re-named and re-shaped to Franklin-Christoph brand. IPO Fountain Pen released followed by the Dara and Paradox models in ballpoints and mechanical pencils.

 - Franklin-Christoph relocated to North Carolina, ancestral home of the family before the time of J.W. Franklin. Headed by S.C. Franklin.  PenCity was headed by L.H. Franklin II, and was re-located in Blairsville, GA.

 - The 1901 fountain pen model is introduced.  The Lucky 13 Penvelope is introduced in a newly developed leather - boot brown. 

 - The Model 29 Colorband series is introduced and at the end of the year, the IPO is retired with a quiet ceremony. 

- The new flagship FP, the Model 02 Intrinsic is introduced, as a new production facility is opened in Houston, TX, with Dan Symonds as Director of Manufacturing. Leather line expanded into notebook covers.

2014 - The Franklin-Christoph "F-C West" production facility is moved from Houston, TX and merged into a new location with the North Carolina headquarters. 

2016 - Model 45 XLV fountain pen introduced.

2019 - Model 46 XLVI fountain pen introduced.

2019- The IWO timepiece is introduced, expanding the brand into horology.

Model 01 Diamondback on brick the company produced in 1913 to construct the family home.
See video of Scott Franklin interviewed about the brand at the 2014 DC Pen Show.

Scott Franklin Interview