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Model 50 Grandis Fountain Pen - Sweet Maroon
Model 50 Grandis Fountain Pen - Sweet Maroon

Model 50 Grandis Fountain Pen - Sweet Maroon

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** Small batch in Sweet Maroon. 

Here is the Model 50 Grandis (pronounced grahn-dees). The Model 50 fountain pen is a large desk pen with two flats on the sides of the caps to serve as a roll stop. Unique in design and an F-C favorite. Market Price starts at $200 US. 
** Nominated for 2022 PWI Reader's Choice Awards for Writing Experience

The long barrel is designed for writing balance as the cap does not post. The end of the barrel features inverted bevels to create a thinner band at the end.

.710" to .562" cap diameter  (18.03mm to 14.27mm)
.560" upper barrel diameter (14.22mm)
.468" lower barrel diameter (11.89mm)
6.560" capped length (167mm)
6.060" barrel length including nib (154mm)
.41" grip section at thinnest point (10.41mm)

Weight without ink cap included = 1.042oz / 20.70g
Weight of barrel, nib, section and converter without ink = .711oz / 20.14g

♦ Made in USA of long lasting, durable hard acrylic that is light weight. 

♦ Standard Int'l Cartridge / Converter filled, one of each included. Also can be used as an eyedropper. Barrel holds approximately 3.5ml of ink when eyedroppered.

 #6 Size nib - with many tip options in factory or custom ground.

♦ Lifetime Warranty. 

♦ Ships a Franklin-Christoph one pen XL zippered pouch with outer white box.