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Model 46L FP - Philly 2020 Special Edition
Model 46L FP - Philly 2020 Special Edition
Model 46L FP - Philly 2020 Special Edition

Model 46L FP - Philly 2020 Special Edition

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At the Philly Show this year we introduced a new tester kit which introduced a Model 46L and Model 45XL for the #6 and #5 nibs respectively. This 46L edition, in Classic Black with a Diamondcast blue barrel finial and section, is the first offering of the 46L. The first ones were sold at the show, and the remaining pieces will sell here, while supplies last. 

 The 46 fits a #6 nib. 

♦ Dimensions:
.531" cap diameter
.500" upper barrel diameter 
.438" lower barrel diameter
5.75" capped length
7.00" cap posted length (including nib)
5.45" barrel length (including nib)
.410" grip section at thinnest point

 Takes a standard converter (one included). Ships in a zippered single pen pouch.

 Features our special block threads at the end of the grip section. These smoother feeling threads are out of the way of your fingers. Placing the threads at this spot also limits the amount of air within the cap chamber, thereby helping to mitigate dry out. The design of the block threads also releases the air when you unscrew so as to not create a suction effect on the ink. 

 Each pen can be filled via long or short international cartridge, by converter, or via eye dropper. We recommend a little silicone grease on the threads if you use as an eye dropper. 

 Precision posting - when capping the post, the angle of the end of the barrel matches the angle of the interior of the cap to make for a solid grip when posting the cap on the barrel. 

 Made in USA of long lasting, durable hard acrylic that is light weight. 

 Lifetime warranty.  ​