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Model 45 FP - Olivae
Model 45 FP - Olivae

Model 45 FP - Olivae

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This is our special Olivae acrylic material, that has been antiqued to join our "glass" family of pens. Keep in mind when you make your purchase decision that this material can have "micro-fracturing" on the interior which causes a more frosted look over time. This is only a superficial aging process of the pen and not a structural issue.

​♦ Dimensions:
.550" cap diameter
.510"  barrel diameter 
4.45" capped length
5.60" cap posted length (including nib)
4.12" barrel only length (including nib)
.383" grip section at thinnest point (curved)
weight without ink = .42oz / 11.95g; barrel holds approximately 2.1ml of ink when eyedroppered

 A smaller pocket sized fountain pen
 Classic lines w/ no clip
 Cartridge or eye dropper filled. Is too small for a traditional converter. There are small squeeze converters on the market or a spent cartridge can be re-fIlled via syringe. 
 Precision posting for firm grip on the cap while posted.
 No. 5 size nib
 Lifetime warranty
 Made in USA in our NC facility