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Model 25 Eclipse Fountain Pen - Venetian Red
Model 25 Eclipse Fountain Pen - Venetian Red

Model 25 Eclipse Fountain Pen - Venetian Red

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Here are 15 pieces for an encore edition following the online show. 

The 25 is a more rarely made selection, usually in black. Sometimes we venture out into color, and this is one of those rare exceptions, for the June 2020 online pen show. 

♦ The Franklin-Christoph Model 25 "Eclipse" is a unique fountain pen, yet with classic aesthetic design. A reinvention of the wheel of sorts, testing the boundaries of convention with a downward pointing nib. We classify this as an SEO model (special edition only) - so will periodically make it throughout the year, rotating color each time. 
♦ Nominated for a Reader's Choice Award for "Best Contemporary Style" by PenWorld magazine in 2012. 

♦ The 25 HP Steel nib points downward when the pen is clipped in a pocket, keeping the ink ready to write at a moment's notice. The nib is also half hooded, for a sleek design, and to allow for a smaller cap. 

♦ The cap uniquely and conveniently posts under the smooth tension clip.

♦ Made in USA of acrylic and rhodium plated brass. Clip is engraved with the four diamonds.

♦ 2 Cartridges and 1 Converter included. 
The Converter can be filled traditionally, by submerging the nib into the ink. In this case be sure to clean inside the hooded section to remove extra ink. We also recommend filling by submerging the converter directly into the ink bottle, then connecting to interior feed of the pen. Be sure to press tightly so the converter is secured to the feed.

♦ The nib is not easily changed in a Model 25, so if you desire to change the nib, best to send in to us, or email us for specific instructions if you are daring. 

♦ Takes a #5 nib.

♦ Made in USA

♦ Lifetime Warranty. 
♦ In lieu of a traditional gift box we now ship in a zippered pen pouch with an outer white thin box. 
♦ Dimensions:
5.18" from nib tip to end = 131mm
5.37" capped length = 136mm
1.00" cap = 25mm
0.47" diameter = 12mm
weight without ink = .6oz / 17.0g