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Model 20 Marietta Fountain Pen - Gold Rising
Model 20 Marietta Fountain Pen - Gold Rising
Model 20 Marietta Fountain Pen - Gold Rising

Model 20 Marietta Fountain Pen - Gold Rising

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♦ Presenting the Model 20 Marietta - a slip cap fountain pen that harkens back to the aesthetic of classic fountain pens of yesteryear. Formerly this look was only seen in the Model 02, but we have rotated in production of the 20 in the Gold Rising combination. The gold is striated in two large swathes of shiny gold, with two contrasting of old gold / translucent brown. The finial, section and barrel are all black. 

♦ Precision machining and design create a cap that securely and firmly fits to the the section and barrel with a firm grip. When capped or posted properly it is impossible to sling the cap off, so can be securely used in a shirt pocket or pen pouch. 

 No exterior threads and no shoulder from grip section to barrel. 

 The pressure is distributed inside the cap and away from the lip to prevent lip cracking. 

 The interior of the cap has a feature that releases air pressure to eliminate the vacuum that causes ink spurts on the nib when uncapping. 

 Filled 3 ways, via disposable cartridge, piston converter, or the eye dropper method. Barrel holds approximately 3.5ml of ink when eyedroppered.

 #6 Size nib - with many tip options in factory or custom ground. 

♦ Lifetime warranty,  converter, sample cartridges, and a 30 day money back guarantee are all included. Made in USA. 

♦ In lieu of a traditional gift box we now ship in a zippered pen pouch with an outer white thin box.  
5.0" from nib tip to barrel end = 127mm
5.45" capped length = 138.43mm
2.175" cap = 55.25mm
.575" cap diameter = 14.61mm
.51" barrel diameter = 12.95mm
.41" smallest diameter of grip section = 10.41mm 

 Weight with converter inserted but not ink is: .68oz or 19.28 grams.