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Model 03 Modified FP - Antique Glass SE
Model 03 Modified FP - Antique Glass SE

Model 03 Modified FP - Antique Glass SE

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We are now on the encore edition of these from the online pen show with an additional 20 pieces. If this is sold out when you see it, be sure to sign up for the back in stock email notification as we will make this one again down the road.
This is an acrylic material that appears like vintage green glass. Over the life of the pen it is likely to see micro fracturing on the interior which creates a more crazed look in some spots. This is a natural evolution in the look of this pen as it seasons and is not a structural issue, but please consider this when purchasing. 

The Modified 03 features a solid one piece cap. This design we use for our maki-e limited edition pens. So the cap is slightly shorter, with no finial or disk as compared to the regular 03, which means no clip option. 
 Iterum is Latin for "again" or "once more" as the Model 03 is designed in the spirit of our original Model 01 IPO. Straight sides with very subtle tapers down toward the ends. Mostly flat top and bottom with just a hint of the normal Franklin-Christoph bevel on each end. Right in our wheelhouse in classic black with a touch of color in the disk in the top.

 Threads on the end of the grip for comfort. This also allows for precision posting so there is no creaking or wobbling when the pen is posted. 

 Lightweight at .65 oz or 18.4 grams (with nib and converter un-inked)

 #6 Size nib - with many tip options in factory or custom ground.

 Cartridge - piston converter - eye dropper filling options. 

 Made in USA.

Smallest point of grip section: .391" 
Largest point of grip section: .480"
Barrel center: .512"
Cap center: .575"
Cap length: 2.375"
Nib tip to barrel end: 5.010" 
Cap posted full length to nib tip: 6.875"  

 Lifetime warranty

 Free worldwide shipping - 30 day return policy.
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 In lieu of a traditional gift box we ship in a Franklin-Christoph one pen zippered case with outer white box.