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Model 40 Panther Modified FP SE - Into the Void
Model 40 Panther Modified FP SE - Into the Void

Model 40 Panther Modified FP SE - Into the Void

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Here is an edition of the Modified 40 for Holiday Week 2023 - with a single piece long cap using the Into the Void acrylic from Turnt Pen Co. These feature a black base with subtle star like sparkles - complimented with subtle wisps of gold, silver, and teal colors. 

 ** This is a modified version of our Model 40 Panther, with a single piece cap instead of the four piece cap with a band and finial. This is reflected in the price, at $180 starting, rather than the $225 starting market price for most Panthers. 

All in this edition have no clip. 

The Panther is one of our oldest designs and one of our rarest production, only produced a few times a year.   

The 40 Panther is a long capped pen - 5.5" when capped. There is a center taper in the barrel, so the length is only 6.5" (to the nib tip) when the cap is posted on the barrel. The cap diameter is 5/8". 

The barrel diameter is 9/16" at the thickest point and tapers down to 15/32" at the smallest point.

Clipped pen weight without ink .741oz/21.01g

Unclipped pen weight without ink .649oz/18.41g

The barrel holds approximately 2.8ml of ink when eyedroppered.

Shipped with a Franklin-Christoph single pen zippered pouch.