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#6 Nib Unit
#6 Nib Unit
#6 Nib Unit
#6 Nib Unit
#6 Nib Unit
#6 Nib Unit
#6 Nib Unit
#6 Nib Unit
#6 Nib Unit
#6 Nib Unit

#6 Nib Unit

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Sales here include the nib, feed and housing. All of our individually sold nibs get our 7 step testing and tuning process, the same as when included on pens. Reference how to properly remove and replace our nibs on the How To nibs video page under the INFO tab above. 

Fits Franklin-Christoph Models 02, 03, 19, 20, 31, 33, 40, 46, p66, 66 Stabilis and more to come.

High Performance Steel is more like gold today than most nibs you'll find through pen history. They are still firmer, but have the same iridium tipping.

18K Gold is softer and the nibs will write a little wetter. 14K Gold is softer than steel but springier than 18K, and we prefer it's performance in most nib options. Our solid gold nibs also get a rhodium plating for a silver color, but the logo is cut in relief, showing the yellow gold in the diamond shape.

All tip sizes are "Western" and equivalent to most US or German brands.

Stub Italic Gradient (S.I.G.) nibs are ground in house at Franklin-Christoph.

Masuyama grinds are not currently available for individual sale as supply is limited. 

1.9 Christoph Music nibs come in polished steel, or ruthenium plated steel which has a light greyish tint to it. 

Lines sizes based on our Blue 72 ink, on our sugar paper, using medium pressure. *Note that the Cursive Calligraphy (cc) nibs are factory designated actual tip sizes.

Factory Line Sizes:

XF = Extra-FIne .4mm
F = Fine .5mm
M = Medium .6mm
B = Broad .8mm
1.1 = Cursive Calligraphy *
1.5 = Cursive Calligraphy *
1.9 C = Christoph Nib 

Masuyama Line Sizes:

​N = Needlepoint .25mm
FI = Fine Italic .55mm
MI = Medium Italic .7mm
MS = Medium Stub .7mm
BI = Broad Italic .9mm
BS = Broad Stub .9mm

S.I.G. Line SIzes:

SIG XF = .45mm
SIG F = .55mm
SIG M = .7mm
​SIG B = .9mm