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Model 33 Abditus Fountain Pen - Black Cathedral
Model 33 Abditus Fountain Pen - Black Cathedral

Model 33 Abditus Fountain Pen - Black Cathedral

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This Model 33 fountain pen uses Classic Black with Cathedral bands for an elegant contrast in the traditional Franklin-Christoph way with black and spots of color. Made as a special edition for the Fall 2021 Online Pen Show. 

 The Model 33 Abditus fountain pen is an SEO pen with very limited production. It is a particularly unique design, whereby the barrel is completely hidden in the cap. Abditus -  Latin for "hidden," or "secret,"  has turned heads at trade shows around the globe. The Model 33 was the winner of the 2012 PenWorld Reader's Choice Award for Distinctive Writer. 

 The 33 is made from solid bars of acrylic, machined in our shop with great care. This edition comes in black with Cathedral bands (colors of blues, reds, green & yellow).

 Not only an interesting design, great piece for a collection, and a wonderful conversation piece - the 33 is also a very functional fountain pen. 

♦ #6 Size nib - with many tip options in factory or custom ground, current availability shown in the shopping cart drop down. 

 The 33 measures 5.70" from end to end while capped, with a .65" cap diameter. The pen barrel itself measures 4.05" from top to the end of the acrylic + nib. The pen barrel diameter is .445" at the grip and .475 where it meets the finial. Comfortable to hold, lightweight and balanced. 

♦ The weight of the pen without the cap, including a converter and nib but no ink is .39oz or 11.06 grams. The total weight of the pen and cap together is 1.03oz or 29.19 grams. 

 Filled via disposable cartridge or piston converter for using bottled ink. Two sample cartridges and one converter are included. We do not recommend using this one as an eye dropper due to the bands, and the removable bottom finial.

 Lifetime Warranty / 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

♦ Shipped in a Franklin-Christoph single pen zippered pouch.