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CPT 12 Dark Denim NWF - SE
CPT 12 Dark Denim NWF - SE

CPT 12 Dark Denim NWF - SE

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Now offering our Covered Pen Tray in Natural Wood Fiber (NWF) material.
Technically it could be called a paper, but it has the durability and quality of leather. It's a vegan option without the sacrifice of quality. The texture has a pre-worn look with light spots in the creases. This unique Franklin-Christoph pen case product is designed to hold 12 pens in your favorite writing spot.

The Covered Pen Tray (CPT) features our specially designed double hinges for the cover to fold under, putting pens on display at 22.5 degree angle. When finished displaying, simply fold back over to cover.

♦ Built in hidden magnets in front to secure the front flap
♦ Dark Denim NWF outer material with black ribbed cloth interior
♦ CPT12 slots are 6" long and .7" wide. (153mm x 20mm)
♦ Case overall is 10.5" wide x 7" deep x 1.25" tall (267mm x 178mm x 32mm)
♦ Weight: 1.6lbs / 25.6oz


*Note that if you have pens made of ABS Plastic (Lamy Safari for instance) - that material can draw the dyes out of many fabrics and then stain pens after long insertion in pen cases. ABS plastic is primarily used on inexpensive pens and this is not an issue with most fine pens.