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Model 19 Black & Olive Green SE FP
Model 19 Black & Olive Green SE FP

Model 19 Black & Olive Green SE FP

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♦ This is a rare special edition for the Model 19, using an olive green swirl acrylic for the bands. Limited to 25 pieces in this production for the online pen show.
♦ Nicknamed the "1901" commemorating the year the original company was founded.

♦ Dimensions:
5.50" capped
6.62" posted
.67" cap diameter
.61" barrel diameter
5.1" from nib tip to barrel end
.425" smallest grip section diameter
.50" grip section at thickest point
1.62" clip length

Weight without ink = .90oz / 25.55g 

 #6 Size nib - with many tip options in factory or custom ground. 

♦ Beveled ends reveal the thick acrylic cut from a solid bar of methacrylate. Built to be durable, and guaranteed for life. 

♦ In lieu of a traditional gift box we now ship with a Franklin-Christoph zippered pouch with an outer white thin box.
♦ Durable flex clip, plated in rhodium, with four diamond motif  engraved.

♦ Cartridge/Converter filled Fountain Pen (Int'l Std). 

30 Day Return Policy - Lifetime Warranty.   

♦ Made in USA