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Model 02 Intrinsic Fountain Pens

 The Model 02 is one of our flagship designs, very popular throughout our clientele. It is noted for the exaggerated barrel taper to allow for deep posting.
.610" cap diameter
.550" upper barrel diameter 
.445" lower barrel diameter
5.750" capped length
5.850" cap posted length (including nib)
5.150" barrel length (including nib)
.44" grip section at thinnest point

Weight without ink = .8oz / 22.7g

 Designed for writing balance with or without the cap posted. Special center barrel taper, so that the cap posts deeply.

 Made in USA of long lasting, durable hard acrylic that is light weight. 

 Standard Int'l Cartridge / Converter filled, one of each included. Also can be used as an eyedropper. 

 #6 Size nib - with many tip options in factory or custom ground.

 Free shipping via domestic priority mail or international Fedex. 

 Lifetime Warranty. 

 In lieu of a traditional gift box we now ship with a maroon leather zippered pouch with an outer white thin box. If you'd prefer a traditional gift box, please let us know at the time of order. 
For currently available Model 02s, check our Fountain Pens Collection.