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Philly Show 2020 NP3 Special Edition
Philly Show 2020 NP3 Special Edition

Philly Show 2020 NP3 Special Edition

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  • This is one of three leather / NWF items we made especially for the Philly Pen Show. We always make extra for our global online sales, but it's while supplies last. The main part of the case is made of smooth black napa leather, with an NWF tab and loop. The new material we call NWF, for "natural wood fiber."  Technically could be called a paper, but it has the durability and quality of leather. The texture has a pre-worn look with light spots in the creases.
  • The three pen soft cloth inserts are removable, to help with easy in and out of pens. Each pen slot goes to nearly the bottom of the case to keep pens fully separated. These are the same slots sold with the glasses/pen case, and can be found here for for additional pieces. 

  • The overall size of the case is identical to our traditional 3 pen case, but has the pull tab and removable insert.

  • Fits pens large and small, as large as .75" thick and 6" tall. (note that our sometimes produced Model 66 will not fit as it's over 6".)

  • Dimensions:

5.65" tall (144mm)

2.63" wide (67mm)

1" deep (25mm)

  • Weight:

2.4oz / 68 grams (without pens)

  • To buy additional pen inserts, visit this page: